A Long Way from Home

Don’t get me wrong, I like to go pretty much anywhere I can on a bike. However, if I can go further, or say, up a super long hill, that’s always the better choice. For me, the going gets good once I get out of town, miles away from gas stations and traffic. Nothing beats being a long way from home, out in the middle of nowhere, climbing hills.

I really like climbing hills.

Given my love for riding distance and hills, randonneuring is a perfect fit for me.

Randonneuring is long-distance unsupported endurance cycling. This style of riding is non-competitive in nature, and self-sufficiency is paramount. When riders participate in randonneuring events, they are part of a long tradition that goes back to the beginning of the sport of cycling in France and Italy. Friendly camaraderie, not competition, is the hallmark of randonneuring.   Source: Randonneurs USA, http://www.rusa.org


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