Coffeeneuring in Arkansas: Trip Nº3

Approach to Mt. Nebo Waking up on Sunday really early always makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something with my day. I had hills to climb, and this time I picked the steepest one in the shortest distance. Mt. Nebo stands some 1,700 feet above the Arkansas River and it is a formidable climb. After a little over 13 miles of riding, I came to the base. From here, I texted my friends that coffee time was near!

Mt. Nebo 18

The climb to the summit is two and a half miles of 9 to 12% grades. It’s best not to think about the 1200 feet of climbing. Just give yourself to the mountain and accept the burning. According to the highway sign, there’s one section of 18% grade. It’s not very long, but you definitely feel it going up it.

25 minutes later, I was at the top! Soon after, my friends showed up and I started in on the brewing process. Fired up the stove and had some (almost) boiling water in short order. They were fascinated by the whole setup: the stove, the nalgene, the be-stickered camping french press. Even better, everyone enjoyed the resulting brew from the beans, freshly ground that morning and roasted less than a week before. The credit goes to Penny University Roastery in Russellville, though. Without their beans, coffeeneuring just wouldn’t be the same!

Coffeeneuring Mt. Nebo

The view from here is spectacular, especially on clear fall days with little humidity. A trip worth taking, especially with coffee in tow.

On Top of Mt. Nebo

Coffeeneuring Trip Nº3: 19 October 2014
Drink of Choice: Freshly roasted coffee from Penny University, Russellville, AR
Total distance: 31.6 miles round trip
Total climbing: 2197 ft


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