Chugging along, but not at full steam.

I’ll be honest. I still have to wrestle with myself in order to go out and ride.

What is this elusive thing called motivation?

Well, I did go out and ride this week. Admittedly, not as much as I should have, but I did the two most important rides.

I did a hilly 48 miles on Wednesday and I gotta say, I surprised myself with how strong I am still. Given that I have not been riding as consistently as I have in the past, I am still able to climb strong after some 30-40 miles of riding. The hill out of Atkins on AR 363 is just long enough to where I have to concentrate on pacing and my mental game, but short enough to where it doesn’t take forever. I did it in 20ish minutes. On my next rides, I’ll concentrate on getting faster here.


In other riding news, speed work might be my new favorite! Here in Russellville, there’s a nice, long, flat stretch of road with no driveways on it. Perfect for speed drills! When its all said and done, I ride a half mile stretch as steady and as fast as I can 5 times or more. (The repetitions increase every week. Currently at 6x.) During my speed work this week, my bike odometer rolled over 2000 miles! Not bad for only having the bike since September 2013.

This weekend, I’ll be riding my first 100k since this past winter. It could very well be a challenge, since the last few miles of this 48 miler were. However, the first permanent of mine that I have chosen to ride is not very hilly and I’ve done it before, so it could be easier than expected. We’ll see what happens on Saturday!


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