Hills in the Distance

Strung out along the backroads of the Ozark Mountains are the most beautiful parts of Arkansas. The only way to get to the good stuff is through miles of climbs. Luckily, I find it oddly satisfying to climb an 8% grade for 3 miles. The struggle of grinding away at a hill is all worth it once you reach the top. I just don’t get that same feeling of accomplishment after fighting the wind or riding fast and well. Nothing can compare to bombing down the side of a mountain at 40 miles an hour. Even better, doing it well. Reading the lines, leaning into the curves, braking just enough to keep control. It’s a balance between bravado and finesse.

But in order to get out to the good stuff and really enjoy it, I gotta ride. It’s the only way to get strong enough to go the distances long enough to get to the hills. Going out and riding can only get me so far. I need a way to motivate myself, a plan, and a goal.

My goal for the next year is to ride a 200k permanent and a 100k permanent populaire every month for the next year.


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